About Us

It’s all about the sound.

FURITUS (Ferret Records) is a music studio that produces mixing and mastering digital & analog products.

We produce in any sample rate and bit-depth required by our clients.

We started back in the late 70’s producing analog mixes and masters. (We still do analog mastering, no vinyl)

We produce sample libraries, stems, beats, and digital music in any standard sample rate and bit depth including DSD (Direct Stream Digital).

No music leaves FURITUS (Ferret Records) until it is correct and satisfies our clients. Our FMS provides the best and most secure way to move our clients projects to and from our facilities. 

We do Mixing, Mastering, CDs in small quantities,(100 or less), sound design, music libraries, format conversions (Analog and digital) but no vinyl.

If you are new to FURITUS (Ferret Records) Music Studios and would like more information about us, please use our contact page and  one of our friendly administrative staff will get back to you.