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About Ferret Records

Ferret Records, was started by a group of guys who attended Ohio Institute of Technology in 1973. The company started out as a record label and later moved into the publications, music production, and distribution.
Between 1976 and 1989 the company was some what idle but in late 1989 started to begin publication and distribution of music media.

Today the FURITUS, Ferret Records, is engaged in post productions, distribution, and consultations to meet an ever changing music industry. We are also engaged in many other services.

Many of our services are free for the asking. We believe in giving back what was handed to us.

You can contact us at Ferret Records for free consultations and other services.

There are many imitators claiming to be Ferret Records and persons using the Ferret Records logo and name to enhance their own agenda. This site is the true site of Ferret Records. We have been Ferret Records in the past, we are Ferret Records today, and we will be Ferret Records in the future.